Credit Card Manager 2010 2.30.08 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Credit Card Manager 2010 stores all personal credit card account-related

information and helps keep track of credit card transactions on those cards. It

maintains transaction information, such as charges, payments and interest

charged. When transactions are logged, they are kept in a current transaction

listing for future reconciliation with the monthly account statement. After

transactions are reconciled, they are retained for user-defined reporting inquiries

such as account history and spending habit analyses. All data is stored in an

encrypted database. The main features and functions of this program are:

Account Registry

The credit card account registry is a convenient reference of stored account-

related information, such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card limits, and

interest rates.

Transaction Log

Credit card transactions, such as purchases, payments and interest charges can

be logged for each individual account. Current balances are calculated and

displayed here.

Monthly Reconciliation

The credit card registration program maintains a list of current transactions which

facilitates quick verification of transactions recorded on monthly credit card


Transaction History

Transaction history for all credit card accounts is maintained to track spending

habits, interest costs, and payments.

Security System

The included security system for the Credit Card Manager is very flexible. You can

have no security at all, require a login password to access, or restrict access to

certain features. The program enables you to protect the program or certain parts

from unauthorized use. As the security administrator you can set security as

simple as requiring the user to log on prior to entering the program. You can also

restrict access to most parts of the programs, including, buttons and fields. You

can set up groups and define the security access for that group.

System Requirements:

10 Meg free disk space

Credit Card Manager 2010 2.30.08 Free Download screenshot